Terms and conditions for use of PMDB-Online

Welcome to PMDB-Online, the online database operated by ECOFIN Investment Consulting AG (ECOFIN). Before accessing this web site please carefully read the following terms and conditions.
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Who may use this site

PMDB-Online was created by ECOFIN for investment managers to provide data on their companies and products. The information acquired via PMDB-Online is used to generate short lists on behalf of ECOFIN's customers, i.e. institutional investors. At present this site is only accessible by investment managers that have been assigned a user name and a password by ECOFIN.

Terms and Conditions

PMDB-Online was created by ECOFIN for investment managers to provide data on their companies and products. The information acquired via PMDB-Online is used to generate short lists on behalf of ECOFIN's customers, i.e. institutional investors. At present this site is only accessible by investment managers that have been assigned a user name and a password by ECOFIN.

Registration fee and product fee
To cover our administrative costs, a fee is charged from each investment manager participating in PMDB-Online.
There is a registration fee, covering information on your company and on two investment products. A product fee is charged per additional investment product. The amount of the registration fee is 1200 CHF per year and for one additional investment product 360 CHF per year. For the first year the charge is calculated on a pro rata basis per the end of the year and is rounded up to whole months. For instance, if you register in PMDB-Online on 12 May 2006 with one product, you would be charged 800 CHF for the remainder of 2006, i.e. for 8 months. The same procedure applies to individual investment products. After you have applied and qualified for membership in PMDB-Online you will receive your user name and password. Thereafter you may enter and modify data in PMDB-Online and you will be asked to pay the according fee.

The calculation of your fee is automatically performed online. If we do not receive notice of your payment within one month we will send you a reminder of payment and eventually access will be denied unless ECOFIN receives notice of payment.

Expiration of registration
At the end of each calendar year you will be reminded by email that your registration will we transferred to the following year. Your company and product data will be kept in PMDB-Online automatically. Again we will kindly ask you to pay the fee within one month. The same procedure applies if you enter an additional investment product. Paying fees on time does not have an influence on your participation in searches. Once you have entered your company data and at least data for one investment product, you may participate in an ongoing tender.

Deletion of products or company data
You may delete your product or company data any time. Nonetheless, if you do so after payment of the fee, there will be no refund. Furthermore, any due payments will remain oustanding if you delete any or all of your product data after the due date e.g. 30 days after product registration in PMDB-Online.
As a member of PMDB-Online your investment products automatically will be included in all searches done by ECOFIN.

Commitment to Internet privacy

PMDB-Online allows investment managers to enter and update information on their companies, investment products, and personal data. Provided that the systems work properly you are able to insert, modify, read, and delete your data online at any time. ECOFIN uses your IP address only to help diagnose problems with the server, and to administer this web site. Your IP address is used to gather broad demographic information. For the time being cookies will not be used. The only use of the data is to create ECOFIN's shortlists on behalf of her customers, i.e. institutional investors such as pension plans. Otherwise all information acquired through PMDB-Online will be kept strictly confidential.

Mailing and addressing

In order to register with PMDB-Online, you must provide ECOFIN with your mailing address and an e-mail address. You hereby authorize ECOFIN to deliver any and all communications, including but not limited to, notices, updates, confirmations and other material to you by mail or e-mail. However, ECOFIN shall not be obliged to deliver specific information at specific times. You agree to immediately notify ECOFIN of any changes in such addresses. All communications sent by ECOFIN to the mailing address or to the e-mail address provided by you shall, until ECOFIN receives notice that the address has changed, be deemed to have been personally delivered to you whether actually received or not. You further authorize ECOFIN to deliver to you any communication by sending you, in lieu of such communication (the "underlying communication,") a notice (a "notice of delivery by web posting") which directs you to a page on the web where the Underlying communication is posted and from where it can be read and downloaded. You agree that ECOFIN's transmission by e-mail of documents and updates, or a notice of delivery by web posting, shall constitute good and effective delivery to you of the underlying communication, whether or not you download the communication or follow the instructions of the notice and actually access the underlying communication via the web. If your mailing address includes a post office box or your mailing address or e-mail address is in care of a third party (whether or not so specified) then you agree that any communications sent to you at such address shall have the same effect as if it had been delivered to you personally. You agree you will not alter any communications delivered to you electronically or otherwise.

Use of this site and intellectual property rights

This site and the information and material available through it are provided by ECOFIN and the users with respect to the data they provide and are protected by law including, but not limited to Swiss copyright and trademark law, as well as other state, national, and international laws and regulations. All rights of the use of information and material available through this site are exclusively with ECOFIN and the users with respect to the data they provide. This agreement provides you with a personal license to use this site. You may print and download materials and information from this site solely for personal and non commercial use, provided that all hard copies contain all copyright and other applicable notices contained in such materials and information. Downloads and printouts do not provide you with a right on possibly downloaded software or data (excepting data provided by you). Any changes, distributions or commercial use of materials from this site is prohibited unless expressly permitted. The contents of this site are Copyright protected, © ECOFIN Investment Consulting AG, all rights reserved. PMDB-Online, PMDB-Online.ch, and PMDB-Online.com and all other names, logos, and icons identifying ECOFIN's product "PMDB-Online" and services are proprietary trademarks of ECOFIN, and any use of such trademarks without the express written permission of ECOFIN is prohibited.


This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under ECOFIN's control. ECOFIN's servers are monitored continuously and protected by strict security controls. Notwithstanding the above, the use of the Internet in order to transmit data between you and ECOFIN is solely at your own risk and is subject to applicable national and international laws and regulations. While ECOFIN has endeavored to create a secure and reliable site, please be aware that the confidentiality of any communication or material transmitted to/from this site over the Internet cannot be guaranteed. For more private communication, i.e. for special security devices users may contact ECOFIN.

Links to other sites

ECOFIN may provide links to other sites for the convenience of its users in locating related information and services. Such sites have not necessarily been reviewed by ECOFIN and are maintained by third parties over which ECOFIN exercises no control. Accordingly, ECOFIN expressly disclaims any responsibility for the content, the accuracy of the information, and/or quality of products or services provided by or advertised on these third-party web sites. Moreover, these links do not imply an endorsement with respect to any third party or any web site or the products or services provided by any third party.


PMDB-Online allows investment managers to enter and update information on their company and their investment products at their will. Hence investment managers solely are responsible for the accuracy and the timeliness of the information. ECOFIN does not alter your data. ECOFIN may perform certain plausibility checks and upon noticing missing data or data likely to be flawed ECOFIN may notify you by email and ask you to double-check the data. Based on your data stored in PMDB-Online as well as data from other sources one of your products may be shortlisted in a tender on behalf of one of ECOFIN's customers. If this happens ECOFIN will inform you and ask you to submit an official written proposal. During the time of the tender ECOFIN would consider your data in PMDB-Online as an integral part of the written proposal, hence legally binding. You, the investment manager assumes the sole risk of making use and/or relaying on the information and services available on this site. ECOFIN makes no representations about the accuracy, timeliness, suitability, completeness, and legality of the information, products, and services on this site for any purpose. In no event shall ECOFIN be liable for any indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with the use of this site or with the delay or inability to use this site, or for any information, products, and services obtained through this site, or otherwise arising out of the utilization of this site.


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless ECOFIN and its affiliates and all of their employees, and other related people or entities from and against any and all claims, liabilities, and losses, (including reasonable attorneys' fees and litigation expenses), relating to or arising from your use of this site, any arrangements you make based on the information available or through this site, and any breach by you of this agreement or other improper act or omission.

Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich. All parties to this agreement expressly agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of such courts.


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